Snooker Betting Sites in Canada [ 2024 ]


Introduction: Snooker has been around for more than a century and over the years has gained a strong global following. As a result, there has been a push of late for snooker to be included in the 2020 Olympics.

Snooker is a cue sport that is played with 22 snooker balls of different colours. There are hundreds of snooker tournaments held across the world at both amateur and professional levels. There have been complaints over the last few years by some of the top professional snooker players such as Steve Davis, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Mark Allen that there are too many professional snooker competitions being scheduled which is causing player burnout.

Some of the top snooker competitions include the Australian Open, Shanghai Masters and the World Snooker Championship. Snooker has become very popular over the last decade due to the amount of television coverage of these top events. There are a number of different variants of snooker such as power snooker, ten-red snooker, volunteer snooker, six-red snooker, snooker pool and snooker plus.

Snooker Betting in Canada

Canadians not only love playing snooker but also wagering on different snooker tournaments and backing the players they love to follow. Some of the sports betting websites that offer snooker bets in Canada include Paddy Power, Bet365, William Hill, Betfair and 888 Sports. These sports betting websites offer both online and mobile betting services to enable players on the go to also wager on games and make use of in-play betting.  These mobile sports betting apps are compatible with both iOS and Android users.

Some of the different types of snooker wages offered by these sports betting websites include to win 1st frame, to win 2nd frame, race to three frames, total points in the first frame, to pot the ball in the first frame, match alternative handicap 1 & 2 and outright betting.

Snooker in Canada

Canada has a strong interest in snooker and there are a number of Canadian snooker leagues in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. Snooker in Canada is regulated by the Canadian Billiard & Snooker Association (CBSA). Some of the top Canadian snooker players include Kirk Stevens, Alex Pagulayan, Frank Jonik, Bill Werbeniuk and Cliff Thorburn.

Professional snooker also has a ranking system which plays an important role in determining what snooker championships players are allowed to participate in. The top 16 ranked players do not have to qualify for prestigious snooker events such as the World Snooker Championship. Online sports betting giants such as and have sponsored snooker events for a number of years.

Unlike a lot of sports where players have to quit the game once they reach a certain age, a number of professional snooker players continue to keep playing the game for a long period of time as they keep getting better with every passing year.

Snooker Betting Tips

  • Study the performance of the player you want to bet on for the last 2 seasons
  • It is usually safer to bet on ranked players when they are playing against unranked players
  • Start with small bets and make use of the different types of snooker bets.

You will either love or hate the sport of Snooker, as it is a strange type of sport that many people love to watch as it offers a slow, relaxed type of structure however it should be noted that many people compare it to watching paint dry!

However one aspect of Snooker that many gamblers love is the sheer number of wagering opportunities that always exist whenever there is a major Snooker tournament up and running, and around the globe, there are always plenty of them running at one time or another.

If you like placing wagers on Snooker matches, then it is also true to say that Snooker can always through up some very unexpected results, and that is often the key to you being able to bag some very generous odds, more so when you are betting on any one of the underdogs in any Snooker tournament or Snooker fixture.

Top Snooker Betting Betting Sites

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Snooker Betting Events

You will find the most wagered on Snooker events are of course the World Snooker Championship and the Euro Players Tour Championship, on which you are going to be able to place plenty of wagers should you so desire.

Never forget that many online betting sites will let you place wagers well in advance of any Snooker tournament starting, and this is where the most generous of odds are usually found, these types of wagers are known as Ante Post wagers, so do look out for them if you have one Snooker player in mind to bet on!

Types of Snooker Bets

Look out for Snooker betting markets that let you bet on the Outright Betting as this is where you can pick just one player to win any tournament or event, however, there are also plenty of Snooker Special bets and Player Special bets which allow you to bet on one player to win any single round or even to score a 147 break at any time.

You should be aware that the odds are going to change dramatically depending on just which betting site you opt to place your wagers at, and this is where betting comparison websites do come in handy, as they will list all of the currently available odds on any Snooker player or Snooker match and as so you can instantly see and bet on those betting sites offering the better odds.

You may also find some special bets and wagers known as consolation bets and these can often get you your stake money back should a certain thing happen during any match when you have had a losing wager, such as you could get your stake back if you bet on one Snooker player to win a match who then loses but if the opponent scores a 147 break your stakes will be returned, so always look out for these consolation bets as they add another level of value to your betting.

Top Snooker Betting Sites in Canada

The world of placing bets and wagers on Snooker matches is quite exciting, and will often add some additional interest when you are a spectator of this most laid-back type of sport. We would like to present to you the following betting sites which all offer a wide and very diverse range of Snooker betting opportunities and special Snooker bonus offers to their customers.

  • Paddy Power – If you are looking for some of those consolation types of betting opportunities that we mentioned earlier then one betting site that has no shortages of them is the Paddy Power betting site, if you become a new client of theirs today then you can claim a generous signup bonus of 50C$ in free bets, check out their website for the terms and conditions of this free bet offer which have been kept to a minimum.
  • Party Bets – Another online betting site that will flip you a free bet is the Party Bets site and their current bonus offer will see you picking up a 25C$ free bet when you start to place real money wagers on their very easy-to-use betting platform. They do of course offer more than enough Snooker betting opportunities and as such we are more than happy to present them to you.
  • William Hill – Another free bet worth CAD25 will be coming your way if you decide to make the wise decision of joining up the William Hill betting site, they also offer a mobile betting site which works exactly the same way as their online betting site, and as such you will always be able to quickly and very easily place your Snooker bets in seconds!
  • Betway – C$50 worth of free bets is one offer to everyone who starts betting at the Betway betting site, this is another online betting site that has earned the respect of a lot of sports bettors due to its generous betting odds and ongoing customer promotions.
  • Betdaq – You can always try laying bets as well as placing them and if you opt to utilize the betting exchange at the Betdaq betting site then up to a huge CAD200 in free bets can be yours, so get yourself over to their website for full details of this very large betting bonus offer which may not be around for too long, so be warned!

Having taken a look at this Snooker Betting Guide, should any of the above betting bonuses and free bets have taken your fancy, then please take a look a look at the respective betting sites’ promotions page and read through all of the terms and conditions on any listed bonus, be aware that the bonus listed can and may change at any time, so always verify whether they are still available by checking the websites of the site in question.

Snooker Betting FAQ

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