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Introduction: Handball has been around for close to a century and is regulated by the International Handball Federation (IHF). The game is also referred to as Olympic handball or team handball since it is a team sport that is played by 6 outfield players and one goalkeeper.

Handball games generally run for 60 minutes, broken into two halves of 30 minutes each. The game is generally played indoors on a court that is 40 by 20 meters and is played at a professional and amateur level as well. This is a high-paced sport where body contact is allowed when the team defenders are trying to stop the attack from the opposing team.

Handball was initially introduced at the Summer Olympics in 1936 but was removed thereafter. The sport was dominated by male players until the IHF established a women’s division which helped the sport grow. Men’s Handball was once again included to be a part of the Olympics in the 1972 Olympics and Women’s Handball was added to the 1976 Olympics.

While most handball tournaments take place indoors, there are some variants such as beach handball, field handball and Czech handball.

Handball Betting in Canada

Handball is not on the list of the top 5 sports in Canada but there is a small section of Canadians who like playing handball and following the sport. Some of these handball fans from Canada often place wagers on international handball tournaments at reputed websites such as 888 Sports, William Hill, Betfair, Bet365 and Paddy Power.

These sports betting websites give bettors the opportunity to be online or on the go as they also offer mobile sports betting apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The Handball World Championship is considered to be one of the biggest international handball competitions and Canadians love to wager on this event placing bets on the different teams that participate.

Some of the other popular handball competitions include World Games, Super Globe, IHF Trophy, IHF Emerging Nations Men’s Championship and Beach Handball.

Handball in Canada

Handball in Canada is governed by the Canadian Team Handball Federation (CTHF) which was established back in 1962. The CTHF organizes two national handball tournaments each year which take place in the month of May. One tournament is for juniors – under the age of 21 and one for seniors who are over the age of 22.  The winner of this tournament is officially recognized as the National Handball Champions for the calendar year.

There are currently 8 members in the CTHF who represent Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan,  Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland\Labrador and New Brunswick.

Handball Sports Betting Tips

  • Make note of the top handball tournaments in the calendar year and then double-check with more than one sports betting website to see if they are being covered;
  • Keep up to date with the latest handball news, rules, regulations and interviews so you are well informed before you place a bet;
  • Make use of in-playing betting to hedge your bets.

The sport of Handball really is an International sport, however, it is one that may not have the huge number of followers as some sports, however, there are a very loyal number of fans, usually friends and family members of those taking part in such sporting events, and as such there is always a lot of interest in a financial sense when a Handball event is taking place.

Should you be interested in the many different types of wagers that can be placed on any up and coming Handball event, then have a good look through this Betting.ca Guide to Handball Betting, as much like all of our other many betting guides we will show you how, when and where you can bet on this sport and hopefully help guide you to some of the best sports betting sites online.

If you do not already hold an online or mobile betting account, and you live in Canada then make sure you fill your boots with all of the free cash offers listed at the foot of this page, by taking as many of the betting bonuses as you can, you are going to give your chances of winning when placing a Handball or indeed any type of sports bet a healthy boost!

Top Handball Betting Sites

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Handball Betting Events

If you are wondering just which are the most popular betting events in the world of Handball then allow us to present to you the fixtures that can always be relied on to get fans of this sport excited and placing their wagers in droves!

The Men’s Champions League and also the Men’s European Championship can always be relied on to give you a most entertaining type of viewing pleasure and plenty of people love nothing more than betting on their favourite, however other popular Handball sporting events and fixtures include the French Div1, the German Bundesliga also the Spanish ASOBAL League.

As you can tell Handball is certainly a worldwide sport and as such no matter where there is an event being held you will always find a myriad of betting opportunities on offer from all of our featured betting sites listed below.

Types of Handball Bets

You can bet on each round of play or even who you think is going to win any one single match of Handball that is played, but not only are you limited to these two types of wagers you can also bet on things such as who is going to score first and also what the score of any one single match is going to be.

Have a close look through all of our featured betting sites of which we have many of them listed below when you do check out their websites and follow the links to the Handball betting markets you will be impressed and possibly overwhelmed by just how many betting opportunities there are on offer at all of them!

Top Handball Betting Sites in Canada

You may now fancy putting your money down on any Spanish ASOBAL League match or in fact any worldwide Handball Championship game, and if so you are not going to go far wrong by checking out the following betting sites all offer a range of free bets and bonuses to all new customers.

  • Bet365 – When you want to place a bet, be sure to check out the 100% match bonus from bet365. All you have to do is become a member and deposit funds in your account to be awarded this free cash. As Bet365 is able to process Canadian funds, you’ll find that you can deposit and withdraw in CAD, so you’ll never lose out on transaction fees or conversions!
  • Ladbrokes – Should you be in the market to find a new sports book, Ladbrokes are offering up to C$120 in free bets. Should you wish to take up this generous offer, simply head over to the website and join and deposit funds into your account.
  • Paddy Power – Paddy Power do things very differently, and as such, you’ll be able to claim a 50C$ free bet if you decide to open an account with them. Simply deposit an amount into your new account to be eligible for this generous bonus offer.
  • Party Bets – When betting with Party Bets, you’ll find yourself 25C$ richer thanks to the free bet bonus they offer. Simply open an account with them, deposit funds, and place your bet, it couldn’t be any simpler!
  • William Hill – William Hill has long been an established Betting Shop operator in England and has been the nation’s bookie of choice ever since it launched decades ago. Due to the expansion into Canada, they are offering a CAD25 free bet to celebrate. All you have to do is sign up, deposit funds into your account and accept this bonus. Perfect for when you fancy placing a bet on any sporting event, including the Handball.
  • Betway – Betway has recently expanded into the Canadian market, and as such, they are offering a free C$50 worth of bets. Simply sign up, deposit funds and place your bets as you see fit. You can wager on all of Betway’s sporting events, including the Handball games. Good Luck!

You will probably now be wishing to place all manner of Handball bets online, and if so then all of the above betting bonuses can be yours by simply signing up to any of the above betting sites. However, do be aware the bonuses may change at any time, and the best way to check whether they are still available is to take a look at the betting sites’ websites where all of the rules regarding their promotions offers can be found.

Handball Betting FAQ

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