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The game of cricket was first played in England has been around for well over a century.

Today that game is played in more than 20 countries and is governed by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Cricket is broken down into international matches (played between different countries) and domestic matches (played between different states or leagues).

Recommended Canadian Sports Betting Sites For Cricket

For the best odds and even more importantly fast payouts when you win and a huge range of Cricket betting opportunities we invite you to check out any of the following of our top rated betting sites. Be aware that as a new customer the deals and offers listed below will also be available to you, and as these free bets and bonus offers are designed to give you a sporting chance of a winning session then make sure you take them!


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All bonuses and free Cricket Bets listed above and throughout our website may be subject to change at any time, and whilst the Cricket betting information above was accurate at the time of compiling this guide, the offers listed may have changed recently, so please visit the respective betting sites websites to make sure the offers and free bets are still valid.

Canadian Betting: Cricket

Cricket is not one of the mainstream sports in Canada but the game has grown considerably over the years and Canada is considered as one of the cricketing minnows. There is a cricket betting market in Canada that are very knowledgeable of the sport and have their own favorites amongst the ICC playing nations.

There are a number of premier online sports betting websites that offer cricket betting in Canada. The types of bets can differ based on which format of the game is being played. However some of the common bets that Canadians like wagering on are the coin toss, the eventual winner, the man of the match award, the man of the series award, the most runs made by a batsman, the most wickets taken by a bowler, number of maidens bowled.

There are also illegal online gambling sports betting websites in Canada also offering betting on cricket but they can be dangerous as they are not regulated and offer Canadian players no recourse in case there is a dispute.

Match Fixing: The image of cricket has been tarnished significantly over the past 10 years as a number of match-fixing and spot fixing allegations have been made against players who were found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute. Bookies continue to target cricketers offering them huge sums of money to throw the game. The ICC has continued its efforts to crackdown on match-fixing and rid the sport of this menace.

We are committed to bringing everyone living in Canada the best range of betting sites along with valuable information regarding many different sports betting events and fixtures, and this section of our website is dedicated to the many different types of Cricket wagering opportunities that are on offer.

This betting guide is going to open your eyes and give you an insight into just how you can place Cricket wagers and will additionally help you track down the best odds.

Top Cricket Betting Events

When it comes to betting on Cricket matches you are always going to find all of our featured online betting sites will offer you plenty of wager opportunities on events such as those taking place in the County Championship including all matches in both Division 1 and Division 2.

Odds are always also on offer on matches surrounding the Friends Life T20, the Yorkshire Bank 40 and of course major events including both The Ashes and the many matches taking place in the Caribbean Premier League. We also have a section of our website dedicated to Cricket World Cup Betting, so do check that out as there are plenty of value bets to be had if you place your wagers on this or any other Cricket event well in advance!

Test Matches

Test Match cricket is played over a 5 day period and both sides get the chance to bat twice in a game. Test cricket is viewed by players, commentators and cricketing analysts as being the pinnacle of cricket as it ‘tests’ a players ability and only the best do well. However it can come across as slow and a bit boring at times which is one of the reasons why test cricket is now under threat and the ICC is looking for ways to make test cricket more interesting. One of the recent changes to the Test cricket has been the introduction of day & night test matches.

One Day Internationals

One Day Internationals or ODI’s as they are commonly referred to, was once considered fast paced and highly interesting. However the excitement surrounding ODI internationals have suffered in recent times due to the popularity of T20 cricket. The most popular ODI tournament is the World Cup which is held once in every four years.


T20 cricket has now been around for close to a decade and is without a doubt the most fastest and popular cricketing format. T20 matches have been responsible for bringing in new fans from across the world and also for generating more excitement in the game.

Types of Cup Betting Bets

With Cricket proving to be a most popular sport for betting purposes, then you will find plenty of available bet types on offer, the most popular kinds of wagers placed on Cricket matches are of course the standard Match betting opportunities, on which you are faced with simply picking one of the two opposing teams to win any single match.

However ever eager to give you more betting opportunities than just the standard ones, when you place a wager at any of our featured betting sites, a listing of which can be found below, you will also be able to place a wager on which team will take the First Innings Lead and for even more excitement before the game actually gets underway how about placing a wager on which team is going To Win the Toss!

One thing that you are going to notice is that by shopping around from betting site to betting site you will come across many different odds on offer, and this is what you should be looking to do, finding the best odds on the wager you wish to place. Never take the first odds you see or are offered, make sure that on every single Cricket wager you place you are getting the best odds available!

Cricket Betting FAQ

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