Boxing Betting Sites – Best Canadian Online Boxing sites to place bet Doug Hirdle

Boxing Betting Sites - Best Canadian Online Boxing sites to place bet

Top Canadian Sports Betting Sites For BoxingBoxing is one of the most popular sports and generates a significant amount of interest in the United States and Canada as some of the best fighters in the game have come from these two countries.

One of the best Canadian boxers of all time is Lennox Lewis who represented Canada in the 1988 Olympics and won gold.  Lewis was also the undisputed heavyweight champion.

Some of the other top Canadian boxers include Donovan Ruddock who fought Mike Tyson, Arturo Gatti, Jean Pascal and Bermane Stiverne.

Recommended Canadian Sports Betting Sites For Boxing

To guarantee you get an unsurpassed betting experience when placing a Boxing bet, then we suggest you stick to placing wagers at any of our showcased betting sites below, each one will let you place wagers in CAD and those listed are also offering a range of new customer betting bonuses and special offers to welcome you onboard.


CAD 250

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Sports Interaction

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Spin Sports

CAD 200

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CAD 500

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We do of course keep our website as up to date as possible in regards to the currently offered free bet bonuses offered from all of our betting sites, however occasionally a bonus free bet offer will change before we have time to update our website. So please double check the above offers are still valid by visiting the website of the respective betting site whose free bet offer is of interest to you!

Boxing in Canada

Boxing in Canada is governed by the Canadian Professional Boxing Council (CPBC) but those claims have been challenged by the National Championship of Canada (NCC) who claim they are the regulatory body. Boxing across the world is governed by a number of regulatory bodies including the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council and the International Boxing Federation.

In this Boxing Betting Guide presented here on the website you will find information on where and when and how to place a myriad of different Boxing related bets and wagers, so feel free to have a good look through it!

Match Fixing in Boxing

Boxing is yet another sport that has been shrouded under the cloud of match fixing as both amateur and professional fights can get influenced by outside parties who bribe, threaten and manipulate boxers to throw matches, take dives, put in a below par performance and even pay the judges to score the fight the way they want it to go. This enables illegal betting syndicates to determine the outcome prior to the match and win a lot of money on illegal boxing bets.

There are plenty of Boxing events run throughout the year on an ongoing basis, and as such with events organised and controlled by such organisations at the World Boxing Association, the World Boxing Council as well as both the International Boxing Federation and the World Boxing Organization then you are never short of wagering opportunities!

Canada Betting: Boxing

There is a niche market in Canada who love boxing and are always looking to place boxing bets. They use some of the reputed online betting websites in Canada such as 888 Sports, Paddy Power, William Hill and Betfair to place their wagers. These online websites offer a number of different bets including eventual winner, method of victory, winning markets that cover rounds won and points scored.

Betting on boxing is exciting as the outcome is unpredictable as anything can happen on the day and in the ring. Boxing matches have 3 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest in between rounds. The fight can be won via a knock-out, stoppage, disqualification or on points. Three judges score each round and if the fight goes the distance, their scores are totaled and the eventual winner is decided.

Canadian players who want to bet on boxing can visit the online poker website or mobile app of any of the reputed sports betting websites we listed above, click on boxing and then see the list of matches that are featured. They can look at the odds and quickly determine who the favorite is and who the underdog is. The return is always higher on the underdog which is one of the reasons why many bettors take the risk as the payout looks greater. These online betting websites cover boxing matches taking place all over the world as well as in Canada.

Top Boxing Betting Events

If you have a passion for the sport of Boxing, then you will now that throughout the year there is some major one off bouts, and also a range of tournament styled boxing matches that run throughout the year.

Should you be interested in placing any form of boxing wager on any up and coming bout, then you can do just that at many of our featured Canadian customer friendly betting sites listed below, and remember the art to securing the best odds is to shop around as each betting site will offer different odds based on the level of money they have had placed on any part of a betting market!

Types of Boxing Bets

If you are prepared to take a long term view in regards to placing your Boxing related wagers, then you can often secure some better payout odds, as most online betting sites offer Ante Post wagers as they are known which can be placed weeks or months in advance of any Boxing match starting.

So if you want and wish to place a wager well in advance then make sure you do so as the odds are often way higher than those offered in the run up to a Boxing fixture. To give you some ideas of the types of wagers you can place on a Boxing match, we have listed some of the most common and not so common betting opportunities below for you.

  • Boxing Match Betting: Should just one of the boxers take your eye then it will be the Match Betting opportunities that interest you, all you need to do is pick the boxer who you think is going to win any one match and if correct you will be rewarded with a winning payout.
  • Boxing Round Betting: Another popular Boxing wager is the Round Betting opportunities, when placing this type of wager you need to predict correctly just which round of the match your chosen boxer is going to be declared the winner in!
  • Method of Victory: You can now also place a wager known as the method of victory bet, and this will see you having to guess correctly just how the winner of any boxing match is going to be determined, a knockout or points are of course the two most common outcomes on any boxing match!
  • Will the Fight go the Distance: You can also wager on whether you think any single boxing match is going to go to the final round, whilst the odds for this wager are not usually very generous, there can of course be only two sides to this type of wager, those being a yes or no!

Boxing Betting FAQ

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