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Top Canadian Sports Betting Sites For Baseball

Baseball is one of the most followed sports in America and Canada. There are numerous baseball leagues around the world such as the Central and Pacific League in Japan and the East and West League in Cuba. However the most popular baseball league in the world is Major League Baseball (MLB) which covers America and Canada.

The MLB is the oldest of the four top professional sporting leagues in America and Canada and is made up of a total of 30 teams. The 30 teams are split into two leagues with 15 in the American League and 15 in the National League. The officially recognized governing body for baseball is the World Baseball Softball Confederation. There are 29 teams from American and just 1 team from Canada – the Toronto Blue Jays.

Some of the most popular MLB teams include the New York Mets, Kansas City Royals, San Francis Giants, Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians.

Recommended Canadian Sports Betting Sites For Baseball

We do not just simply list any old betting sites on the website, we much prefer quality over quantity any day of the week, and as such all of the Baseball betting sites listed below is going to give you the maximum number of Baseball betting opportunities. Each site is of course licensed and regulated and each one, as you are about to discover will flip you a special Canadian Dollar welcome bonus to welcome you on board as a new customer.


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Spin Sports

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All bonuses and free Baseball Bets listed above and throughout our website may be subject to change at any time, and whilst the Baseball betting information above was accurate at the time of compiling this guide, the offers listed may have changed recently, so please visit the respective betting sites websites to make sure the offers and free bets are still valid.

Baseball in Canada

Although Canada has just one MLB team participating, there is massive interest in the game and Canadians choose to support one than one MLB team.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) runs a format where each team plays a total of 162 games per season and based on the points table, the top 5 teams in each league advance to play in a post season tournament. The winners in each league then head off to the World Series to take place in a best of seven match series to determine the eventual winner.

The MLB is one of the most watched and lucrative leagues in America and Canada. The MLB also holds the record for having the highest season attendance with 73 million spectators, which is more than any other sports league in the world.

Canadian Betting: Baseball

Canadians also wager heavily on MLB games throughout the season and use popular sports betting websites such as Betfair, Bet365, Paddy Power, 888 Sports and William Hill to place their bets.

These sports betting websites offer betting services online and through a mobile app that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. These sports betting apps offer a number of different baseballs bets such as parlays, point spreads, run lines, propositions and outright bets. Since baseball games can go on for more than three hours, sports betting websites offer in-play betting services as well.

Most sports betting websites tend to focus on the MLB and World Series which is the MLB championship which consists of seven games. The duration of the MLB is usually around 6 months and hence there are games featured on a regular basis at these sports betting websites.

Baseball Betting Tips

  • With so many games taking place, it is important for bettors to keep track of their team’s playing schedule
  • Follow the latest baseball news concerning player transfers, injuries, suspensions and performance so that you do not have any surprises after you wager
  • Make full use of in-play betting services.

If you are looking to place any kind of Baseball bet online, then our complete Guide to Baseball betting is going to show you just how easy it can be. Not only that but we would also like to present to you a range of betting sites where you are going to have plenty of winning opportunities thanks to them giving away plenty of free bets and little bonuses to their customers.

We cordially invite you to have a good look and read through our Guide to Baseball Betting, for there really are some gems of information within it and your next set off Baseball bets may just be rewarded with enhanced odds and winning payouts!

Top Baseball Betting Events

Much like every other sports, there are of course plenty of different events surrounding the sport of Baseball that attract a lot of wagers, some of the most popular betting events include the MLB World Series 2013 as well as the American League Pennant (AL) along with the National League Pennant (NL).

You can of course bet on any team you so desire and as such if you fancy placing wager on the Detroit Tigers, the Boston Red Sox or any other team such as the Texas Rangers, Oakland A’s or the Tampa Bay Rays or any other teams, then make sure you take a look at what our selected Baseball betting sites listed below have in way of odds and line betting.

Types of Baseball Bets

You really will have plenty of fun and more importantly betting opportunities if it is the sport of Baseball that you fancy having a few wagers on, and in regards to the sheer number of different bet types that this sport offer, then even the most hardened sports betting will get their fill!

You are able to bet on Outright Betting and as such choose which team you think is simply going to win any one match, however when one team is looking unbeatable then the Handicap Betting opportunities will balance the betting as the underdog will get a boosted initial starting score. Other types of Baseball bets include both Match Betting and also you can place a wager on what you think the Run Totals will be.

Baseball Betting FAQ

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